Thursday, June 4, 2009


The Art of Pain - Inspire an artist. Ruin his life!
@ The Siskel Film Center
Newly re-cut and in HD!
June 5,7,8,10
CAST and CREW Q&A AFTER SCREENINGSNew Video Introduction by Lloyd Kaufman!The Gene Siskel Film Center164 North State Street
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Tel: 312-846-2600

Friday, June 5, 8:15 pm
Sunday, June 7, 3:00 pm
Monday, June 8, 8:15 pm
Wednesday, June 10, 8:15 pm

The new cut of our award winning feature dark comedy, The Art of Pain will be screening for the first time in Chicago! We are honored to be included as part of the Christopher Wetzel Comedy Award Series. In light of this occasion, we've ensured that these screenings will be in beautiful Hi Definition.

Writer/director, Matt Brookens, as well as various members of the cast and crew will be in attendance to answer questions and discuss the film. Expect different players on different nights: Anders Erickson, Greg Brookens, John LaFlamboy, Matthew Jones, Arvin Jalandoon, Elliot Fredland, Leena Kurishingal, Joyce Porter and John Turk to name a few.

As a special treat, Lloyd Kaufman, head of Troma Entertainment and the King of Gross Out Comedy has prepared a unique video introduction! Lloyd will also participate in Friday night's Q&A via live conference call.

Make sure you catch one of these very special screenings and see one of the most innovative, hilarious and poignant indie films to hit the fests this year, The Art of Pain.


INSPIRE AN ARTIST, RUIN HIS LIFE -- Jack works an easy job at the movie theater with his pal Nick, a sci-fi geek, and his aspiring actress girlfriend, Sharon. He used to be a pretty good painter, but there isn't much inspiration in this zombie-like existence. All of that is about to change. Enter Marcus, a pissed off ninja-in-training with something to prove. Fueled by disgust for Jack's apathy and a cruel sensei, Marcus takes it upon himself to teach a brutal lesson: Great art comes from great pain. What follows is a bloody trail of seduction, murder and maiming that only a ninja can inflict. Now, painting in a frenzy, Jack must fight not only for his art, but his life.

PS: Did you miss writer/director Matt Brookens' appearance on TLC's hit show L.A. Ink? Check it out on YouTube right here! The phoenix tattoo is to celebrate the completion of The Art of Pain. Be like the phoenix and rise from the ashes!

Starring Lloyd KaufmanlittlePoster
WINNER AUDIENCE AWARD-Sunscreen Film Festival, St. Petersburgh FL 2008,  WINNER BEST FEATURE COMEDY-Route 66 Film Festival, Springfield IL 2008  BEST FEATURE COMEDY- Action on Film Fest, Pasadena CA (nominee) 2008  OFFICIAL SELECTION-Delray Beach Film Festival, Delray Beach FL 2008  OFFICIAL SELECTION-Audience Choice Film Festival, IN 2008  OFFICIAL SELECTION- Oak Park Film Festival, Oak Park, IL 2008  OFFICIAL SELECTION- Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival, Grand Rapids, MI 2008  OFFICIAL SELECTION- Eerie Horror Film Festival, Eerie, PA 2008  OFFICIAL SELECTION- Arizona Underground Film Festival

What the Critics Say

  • 5 out of 5 STARS - "jam packed with genre geek
    droolworthiness - zombies, ninjas, comic books, Lloyd Kaufman ... nerd
    vengeance and a vicious dark comic streak reminiscent of teen suicide
    comedy "Heathers." "The Art of Pain" has cult classic written all over
    it." - Eric Campos
  • "The Art of Pain is something different
    from the run-of-the-mill genre fare that you're used to. It's an
    imaginative, well-written, extremely well-made slice of cinematic
    entertainment. Check it out." - MJ Simpson (Leading UK Genre Film Journalist)
  • "Gags, slays, and -- above all -- entertains with an alchemized mixture of gore and jest." - Erin Duley
  • "Obviously the result of talent and ingenuity... Brookens' movie and his future are worth watching." Steven Persall, St. Petersburg Times
  • "What I love best about the film ... is how when you subtract the pesky ninjas, the flesh-eating zombies, and the comic book geekery, you still have a fully functioning film. The most satisfying moments of The Art of Pain come in the form of good old-fashioned comedy. The screenplay is loaded with solid, witty banter and flashes of brilliant dialogue... the foundation of The Art Of Pain remains strong" - Adam Arseneau, DVD Verdict