Saturday, September 21, 2019

Days of the Living Dead | Season 2019 Episode 2 | Mystery Soup: "Building" HellsGate

The pressure is on right out of the gate in 2019 as HellsGate Haunted House prepares to be the headliner of the Midwest Haunters Convention 2019 Haunted House Tour... in June! With only a few months to execute the seasonal build so it's ready for the tour, and with a MASSIVE number of props on hand thanks to a prop company's Going Out of Business Sale, John changes up his approach. Instead of conceiving rooms and buying the props to bring them to life, it becomes like a cooking show - take all these ingredients and turn them into something amazing! Top it all off with finishing touches from TransWorld's Halloween & Attractions Show and HellsGate's dressed to impress at MHC and during the upcoming Halloween Season! #MysterySoup2019

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